Pawwwfectly Wonderful Shout Outs!   

                                                                    Responsible, Respectful, Positive and Safe.
Each month every staff member is asked to choose at least one student whom they have seen going above and beyond in one of the paw characteristics. The staff member speaks with the student, acknowledges their great contribution to our school community, and presents them with a shout- out card of acknowledgement. Chosen students then have the privilege to take the shout out card down to the counseling office to place it in one of the shout-out megaphones.  Additionally, a post card is also sent by the staff member to the home of the honored student.
Next, we place the shout-out cards up on a board for sharing with all of NMS. At the end of the month, the cards are put into a giant hat. At this time, 5 lucky students from each grade level are randomly picked to attend a lunch catered by Panino's of Monroe.  Additionally, all students who received a shout out card for the month will have a group photo taken for the Newtown Bee.  We will also be publishing their names in each month’s newsletter.     

Many thanks to the Gary Seri and Panino's of Monroe for providing our monthly Shout-Out Lunches!











Congratulations to all the students who received Shout Out’s for the month of :

*During the month of        , 10 students and one staff member  will enjoy  this month’s catered lunch by Panino’s.  Many thanks to Gary Seri and Panino’s for their dedication to the Shout Out program at NMS.