Grading Policy

Newtown Middle School Daily Physical Education Grading Rubric





Below Standard









Models exemplary behavior and has a positive attitude. Shows respect for peers and instructors and utilizes positive language.


Consistently follows rules, has a good attitude, displays cooperation, and works well with others.

Inconsistently follows rules. Cooperation and respect is inconsistent.

Uncooperative toward peers and/or instructor. May bend rules, show anger or frustration toward others.

Does not follow rules, complains about activities, and/or has abusive and aggressive behavior or abusive language toward others.


Gives outstanding effort, models a high level of participation, is self-motivated and is committed to improving personal skills and fitness. Consistently prepared with sneakers and ready to begin class on time.

Consistent daily effort with a good level of participation. Quality movement during game play. On-task behavior and maintains personal skill level and fitness level..

Needs reminders or encouragement when it comes to participation. Minimal effort with little contribution to team play. Does not work hard to improve skills or fitness level.

Poor effort with little or no movement during activity. Excuses or socialization decrease activity level. No desire to improve skills or increase fitness level.

Avoids participation and is engaged in excessive socialization. Off-task behavior interferes with others’ learning.  Is not concerned with skill improvement or personal fitness. Unprepared for physical activity or late to class.

Skill Growth

Demonstrates excellent understanding of skills and strategies. Shows growth in skills and strategies.

Demonstrates basic skills and strategies with ease. Good skill and strategy development.

Preforms most skills and strategies at an introductory level. Satisfactory understanding of skill concepts.

Demonstrates inadequate skills with little or no development. Poor understanding of basic skills and game strategy.

Refusal to attempt or participate in skill development. Unable to demonstrate knowledge of basic skills or strategies.


Excellent knowledge of game rules, concepts, and safety practices.

Good knowledge of game rules, concepts, and safety practices.

Fair knowledge of game rules, concepts, and safety practices.

Poor knowledge of game rules, concepts, and safety practices.


Insufficient knowledge of game rules, concepts, and safety practices. No desire to learn these concepts.


Respectful of all classmates, helps others when needed, positive and fair game play. Models self-control and treats equipment with respect. Assumes a positive leadership role.


Supportive of all students in class. Follows directions and is an active listener.  Stays on task and treats equipment with care.

Needs occasional reminders to listen and follow directions, follow safety rules, use equipment appropriately, or stay on task.

Needs frequent reminders to stay on task and follow directions. Argues with others or has a negative attitude toward others. Ignores safety rules.

Interrupts teacher during instruction, abuses equipment, is disrespectful toward others and/or refuses to stay on task.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Adopted: 2013-201