P.E Book Club!

Exercise and Fitness


Jukes, Mavis. Be Healthy! It’s a Girl Thing: Food Fitness, and Feeling Great


Wadsworth, Andy.The Complete Practical Encyclopedia of Fitness Training:

Body-Shape, Stamina, Power.


Harris, Jeffrey E. Deadly Choices: Coping with Health Risks in Everyday Life.


Bakewell, Lisa, ed.Fitness Information for Teens.



Sports Biographies - Titles are located by the first 3 letters of the person’s last name in the biography section of the library.



Jackie Robinson                                                                     Baseball


Shaquille O’Neal                                                                     Basketball


Peyton Manning                                                                      Football


Derek Jeter                                                                             Baseball


Mia Hamm                                                                              Soccer


Michael Phelps                                                                       Swimming


Alex Rodriguez                                                                       Baseball


Danica Patrick                                                                        Race car driver


Vanessa Williams

Serena Williams                                                                      Tennis


Ichiro Suzuki                                                                           Baseball         



Sports—a few suggestions:


Grabowski, John. Basketball


Kelley, James. Eyewitness Baseball


Hornby, Hugh. Eyewitness Soccer


Grabowski, John. Football


Holden, Stephen.Football: Passing


Holden, Stephen. Football: Rushing and Tackling


Mallozzi, Vincent. Hoop Drills: The Coach’s Guide  


Jay, Jackson. Skateboarding Basics