Study Skills

What Parents Can Do to Help:
  1. Occasionally monitor your child's planner to see that HW assignments are being written down daily. Or have your child check the websites of the cluster teachers.
  2. Study with your child by reviewing for tests in a fun way.
  3. Monitor organization of notebooks. Remember that we all like to have control over our own "stuff". Help your child to explore what system works for THEM!! As adults, we have worked through many systems to find an organization style that works for us. That doesn't necessarily mean that it will work for others.
  4. Be sure that there is a quiet clutter-free area for HW to be done in.
  5. HW is best done in an area where parents can monitor. Teens will be teens and their focus may need redirecting frequently.
  6. Let your child feel success by fostering them to be independent learners. Allow them to recognize the successes as well as the failures in their lives as opportunities to learn and grow.

What Students Can Do:
  1. Keep your planner up-to-date (you should be writing down assignments every day). Yes you could check the websites of your teachers, but they may not always be up to date. Better to write it down!!
  2. Pack books into your backpack as you find you will need them for HW (i.e. so right after class, put you book into your backpack if you need it for doing HW.)
  3. Keep phone numbers of classmates available so that you can call each other to study when needed.
  4. Get together with classmates in small groups to study for tests and quizzes. It is more fun (and usually more productive) to study in small groups instead of studying by yourself.Wink
  5. Keep your binder organized! First, find a system that works for you whether it's having individual binders for each subject, color-coded folders for different subjects, one big accordion file to keep all the extra papers in from all subjects...etc. Second, clear out the papers at the end of each marking period. Keep the papers AT HOME (not in your locker) in separate files. You will need them at the end of the year for finals. But note: if you discover you can never find your HW or papers which you know you had the day before, you should change your system!! Come see your guidance counselor if you need help developing a new system.
  6. Have a quiet, distraction-free place to study and do HW. If this is not possible at home, then ask the teachers to sign you up for HW center after school.
  7. Use learning lab as it is supposed to be used. This is the time for you to check in with teachers you need help from or to work with others you are doing projects with. IT IS NOT SOCIAL TIME!
  8. Most teachers are available either after school or at learning lab for extra help. Don't let things get to the point where you are in a panic over grades. Ask questions in class and if you still need help, seek the teacher out at learning lab to ask about extra help sessions. Be a self-advocate!!