Important News

Dear Parents,


Each Friday, hundreds of Newtown Middle School students walk to the retail businesses located in the center of town in order to just hang out with their friends.  Multiple problems occur as a result including Blocked Entrances to the Stores, Littering, Vandalism,Theft from Merchants, and Aggressive Behavior.  More importantly, students are many times alone and vulnerable to strangers as well as dangerous vehicle traffic throughout the shopping center and center of town.

Many of the business owners have made formal complaints requesting the Newtown Police to enforce trespassing violations.  Consequently, the Middle School Students are at risk for being arrested for such violations.

The Newtown Police Department understands that this is a long-standing issue and would appreciate your assistance in monitoring your child's safety and whereabouts.  Our number one concern is safety for your children and the community of Newtown.  Parents, we need your help in this matter.  Please make sure your children take the School Bus on Fridays or Pick Them Up from the Middle School to prevent their involvement with any problems.  Thank you for your support.


Children under the age of 16 years old, must wear a helmet when riding a bicycle on a public highway.  Nearly all bicycle deaths occurred as a result of the bicyclist not wearing a helmet during the accident.