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Student Council Dances/Events are chaperoned by staff and held on Friday afternoon or evenings this year. They will last from 2:15-4:15 PM or 7 to 9 PM. Tickets cost $5 dollars each and will be on sale in homerooms on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday prior to the dance or event. No tickets will be sold at the door or on Fridays, so please make sure to plan ahead! Students should be dropped off and picked up by the C -Wing Office doors not at the back of the cafeteria or horseshoe. Students who purchase a ticket, and are in school on Friday, are expected to be at the dance. If not, parents will be called to make sure your students are somewhere safe. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Ms. Papalia, Mrs. Olsen, and Mrs. Iaciofano 

2016-2017 Student Council Events: 
Eighth Grade Evening Moving Up Dinner Dance at Reed

Ticket Purchase:
  1. Each student must purchase his/her own ticket.
  2. Students may not transfer tickets to another student.  A ticket may not be given or sold by one student to another.
  3. Only Newtown Middle School students may attend dances and events.
  4. Tickets will be sold in homerooms from Monday through Thursday the week of the dance or event.  Students who want to come to the dance but could not purchase a ticket on those days should listen to the morning announcements for instructions. Tickets will NOT be sold on Fridays or at the dance or event.
  5. If a student has not purchased a ticket at school, he/she cannot come to the dance or event. 

Dance Rules:
  1. Students must attend a full day of school on the day of a dance in order to be admitted to the dance.
  2. Students should arrive at the dance immediately after school.  
  3. Students with a ticket may enter the dance after turning in the ticket.  If a student has lost his/her ticket, the student will need to check in with the advisor who will verify (via a master list) that the student did purchase a ticket and then he/she will be able to enter the dance.
  4. If a student purchased a ticket but did not come to the dance, the student’s parents/guardians will be called to check that they know where their child is.     
  5. Students must dance safely and practice good sportsmanship.
  6. Students must stay in the assigned dance area, which is the cafeteria.
  7. Office phones are for emergency use only; ask permission if you need to use one.
  8. Buy beverages at the snack table; the school vending machines will not be available.
  9. Use proper garbage receptacles.
  10. All school rules will be in effect, including the dress code. 

After Dance:
  1. The 7th/8th grade dances end at 4:15 PM this year; please pick up your child promptly.
  2. All students will be dismissed from the dances through the doors near the C-Wing office. 
  1. Parents/Guardians:  Please meet your child in this area of the main parking lot; there is no need to come into the school to get your child.  However, if you do need to pick up your child early (before the end of the dance), you must come into the school.
  2. For safety reasons, students will not be dismissed either through the back doors of the cafeteria or to the horseshoe area near Queen Street.